Town of Gnawnia

Town of Gnawnia
With a dense population and a variety of environments, a hunter will be sure to find almost all varieties of mice when in town.

Here you can find the Trapsmith, selling weapons and bases.

Buy the following cheese in Cheese Shoppe to catch all mice with bounties on them.

Remember to click Claim Reward to receive the bounty. You will not progress through the adventure if you did not claim the bounty's reward.

  • Catch Cowardly Mouse with Marble Cheese
  • Catch Dwarf Mouse with Swiss Cheese
  • Catch Longtail Mouse with Swiss Cheese
  • Catch Pugilist Mouse with Brie Cheese
  • Catch Flying Mouse with Brie Cheese
  • Catch Speedy Mouse with Brie Cheese

You can sell excess cheese, even cheese you've previously purchased, to the Cheese Shoppe without losing gold.

Claim the adventure Secure the Town of Gnawnia once you have claimed all bounties.

Continue hunting in the Town of Gnawnia with Swiss Cheese.

What to do next

Travel to Windmill once you rank up to Apprentice.