This windmill, and the farm beside it, used to belong to one of Gnawnia's most prosperous farmers before the mice took it over. Windmill mice enjoy the simple life down on the farm, but don't be fooled by their relaxed attitude-- they're laid-back about everything but cheese.
  • Use Swiss Cheese.
  • Hunt with Swiss Cheese until you collect 60 Packets of Flour. As you catch more mice, the amount of Flour they drop will increase.
  • Trade in Packets of Flour for Grilled Cheese.
  • Arm Grilled Cheese to attract Captain Croissant Mouse.

If you miss Captain Croissant, switch back to Swiss Cheese. Repeat the cycle until you catch Captain Croissant Mouse.

Claim the adventure Repair the Windmill after you have caught Captain Croissant Mouse.

What to do next

Travel to the Harbour once you rank up to Initiate.