The original purpose of the Laboratory was to research the minor mouse problem Gnawnia was having. A few less than ethical experiments soon gave rise to new breeds of mice altogether. Now overrun with the very mice it spawned, few hunters dare to step foot on its grounds.

Use the best weapon you have (which can be NVMRC Forcefield Trap or Shrink Ray Trap) and Dehydration Base.

The conventional, sluggish way to begin the area is to use Brie Cheese to loot Radioactive Blue Potions. Radioactive Blue Potions convert Brie Cheese to Radioactive Blue Cheese. Like many other potions, the efficiency increases with rank, so only brew as many as you need. The SUPERbrie+ conversion is not worth its cost.

A faster way to obtain Radioactive Blue Cheese is to buy directly from the Marketplace. At Master, it is worth buying Radioactive Blue Cheese rather than farming Radioactive Blue Potions if Radioactive Blue Cheese is lower than 800 gold each.

Use Radioactive Blue Cheese to catch a Monster Mouse. It is not a guaranteed attraction.

Monster Mouse drops Tattered Mousoleum Map Piece, which unlocks Mousoleum. It may also drop Greater Radioactive Blue Potion, which converts Brie Cheese at a better rate than regular ones. If it doesn’t, you can hunt with Brie Cheese to get the first part of the adventure done.

Equipping Scientist’s Charms increases the quantity of Radioactive Blue Potions per hunt, but it’s not worth the price in the Marketplace or the cost to craft them.

Travel to Mousoleum when you have at least 80 Radioactive Blue Cheese.


The scientists of the nearby Laboratory would often come to the Mousoleum to harvest 'spare parts' for their various creations. This grim hunting location is now haunted by spirits of slain mice. The mice of this location seem almost unable to resist radioactive cheese.

You need a Shadow power-type weapon to catch the mice in Mousoleum easily. Buy Bottomless Grave from Laboratory Trapsmith if you have the gold. Otherwise, buy Sinister Portal.

Creepy Coffin Trap is a good premium item and will replace Bottomless Grave and Sinister Portal, but it is not necessary.

Use Bottomless Grave or Sinister Portal, Dehydration Base, and Radioactive Blue Cheese to collect Cemetery Slats.

You may notice, pillages and misses are relatively frequent here. Don't worry, though, you will end up earning much more gold than other places.

If you start with Sinister Portal, hunt until you can afford the Bottomless Grave trap from the Laboratory Trapsmith.

Continue hunting until you have at least 30 Cemetery Slats and the Bottomless Grave trap.

Use 30 Cemetery Slats to build a barricade with maximum health of 30 HP. Extra Cemetery Slats can be used to repair the barricade any time.

While the barricade is up, use Bottomless Grave, Dehydration Base and Radioactive Blue Cheese to collect Crimson Curds.

Once you have obtained 6 Crimson Curds, craft Crimson Cheese with the 3-piece recipe. The 6-piece recipe is not worth the cost.

Switch to Crimson Cheese to attract Mousevina von Vermin. It is not a guaranteed attraction.

Loot at least 6 Living Shard from Mousevina von Vermin.

If you use up all Crimson Cheese without catching Mousevina von Vermin, switch back to Radioactive Blue Cheese to collect more Cemetery Slats and Crimson Curds.

If you run out of Radioactive Blue Cheese, purchase from Marketplace (if it is lower than 800 gold each). Otherwise, go back to Laboratory to farm Radioactive Blue Cheese Potions. Repeat the cycle until you catch Mousevina von Vermin.

Claim the adventure Slay Mousevina von Vermin after you have caught Mousevina von Vermin.

You may continue this cycle to earn a lot of gold. This will be the best way to earn gold for a while.

Travel to Calm Clearing once you have at least 300,000 gold.

Calm Clearing

Calm Clearing
Tucked behind the dense trees of Whisker Woods is a quiet and peaceful clearing. In the center of the clearing is a glowing boulder with colourful fungi growing around it. The magic rock seems to draw mice near to it, as if empowering them.

Use the best trap you have (which can be NVMRC Forcefield Trap or Shrink Ray Trap), Dehydration Base and Brie Cheese.

If you have one or more Cherry Potions in your inventory, you can use it to convert Brie Cheese to Cherry Cheese and then equip that. The SUPERbrie+ conversion is not worth its cost.

Cherry Cheese is required to attract the optional Cherry Mouse.

Catch a Cyclops Mouse that drops Great Gnarled Tree Map Piece.

Claim the adventure Survey the Calm Clearing.

Travel to Great Gnarled Tree next.

Great Gnarled Tree

Great Gnarled Tree
At the edge of Whisker Woods lies a tree older than Gnawnia itself. Its magic roots stretch far underground and deep into the woods, giving life to the other trees. The shadow it casts is so massive that it began to affect the surrounding area through time, blocking necessary light from other trees. As a result, the other trees seem almost alive as they bend back and forth, seeking out the light.

A Tactical weapon is needed to catch the mice in Great Gnarled Tree easily.

Buy Venus Mouse Trap from Great Gnarled Tree Trapsmith, but don’t equip it yet.

You will need 20 Radioactive Sludge. You get 1 Radioactive Sludge when 1 Radioactive Blue Cheese stales.

If you need more Radioactive Sludge, you have three options.

  • Hunt in Laboratory with Brie Cheese to loot Radioactive Sludge from Sludge Scientist Mice. This is slower for getting Radioactive Sludge, but you can also loot Radioactive Blue Potions at the same time.
  • Buy 1 Tarnished Charm from Marketplace. Hunt anywhere other than Laboratory and Mousoleum with your stalest set-up, Tarnished Charm, and Radioactive Blue Cheese. You only need 1 Tarnished Charm since it is not consumed upon Fail to Attract. This is noticeably faster.
  • You can receive Radioactive Sludge as Gifts from friends. Some hunters prefer receiving Gifts of the Day, which are often of higher value than Radioactive Sludge, so you may need to ask for it specifically.

Once you have at least 20 Radioactive Sludge, craft Mutated Venus Mouse Trap with 1 Venus Mouse Trap Husk and 20 Radioactive Sludge.

Now use Mutated Venus Mouse Trap, Dehydration Base and Brie Cheese to catch Fairy Mouse until you loot Map of the Lagoon.

Claim the adventure Climb Up the Great Gnarled Tree once you get Map of the Lagoon.

What to do next

Return to Mousoleum and Laboratory to farm more gold until you rank up to Grandmaster.

Checkout where to travel once you rank up to Grandmaster.