Jungle of Dread

Jungle of Dread
Named by the tribes, this dangerous jungle is home to some of the most terrifying mice ever discovered. Long ago the leaders of the tribes discovered a spicy cheese made with peppers capable of distracting the mighty beasts of the jungle. This peppered bait may be the key to luring these mice to a trap...

First of all, the Jungle is a Shadow area once more. You may recall how you‘ve been stoneworkhunting Shadow mice with an Arcane weapon, because your Shadow trap was not up to the task. Bad news: the mice of the Jungle don‘t have an Arcane weakness. It is absolutely vital that you go after them with a Shadow trap.

There are some for sale in the store in the Tribal Isles. Which one you go for depends on your funds. Seeing as you don‘t need to be in the Jungle for longer than necessary in the beginning, you can try it out with Bottomless Grave if you don’t have anything better. You should also consider buying some Dreaded Charm from Marketplace. They tend to be fairly inexpensive and offers 300% Power Bonus against Jungle of Dread mice.

Once you’ve decided on a trap, the question is how to proceed for bait. When you go into the Jungle armed with Gouda or Brie you will only attract Swarms of Pygmy Mice and, once in a while, a Pygmy Wrangler Mouse if you‘re lucky. Both mice drop Vanilla Beans, but those are not a priority right now. You want to go after the terrifying Jungle Mice. There are 6 of those and you will need to catch at least one of each.

There are 6 types of Havarti Cheese are required to attract the 6 mice in Jungle of Dread with special loot. Each type of Havarti Cheese corresponds to one of 6 types of Pepper Plants. Pepper Plant is crafted with 2 Pepper Seed and 1 Plant Pot from Cape Clawed General Store. The colour of Pepper Seed determines the type of Pepper Plants obtained. It is advised to craft 3 of each type of Pepper Plants.

Pepper SeedsPepper Plant
2 Red Pepper SeedsSpicy Red Pepper Plant
2 Blue Pepper SeedsMagical Blue Pepper Plant
2 Yellow Pepper SeedsSweet Yellow Pepper Plant
1 Red Pepper Seed & 1 Yellow Pepper SeedCreamy Orange Pepper Plant
1 Red Pepper Seed & 1 Blue Pepper SeedPungent Purple Pepper Plant
1 Blue Pepper Seed & 1 Yellow Pepper SeedCrunchy Green Pepper Plant

Pick pepper from Pepper Plants to get at least 12 Pepper of each type. On average each Pepper Plant gives slightly fewer than 4 pepper. Craft more Pepper Plants if you don’t get enough Pepper. Pepper Plant recipes and type of Pepper picked are summarised in the picture above.

Craft 2 batches of each of the 6 types of Havarti Cheese. Use your best Shadow weapon, Aqua Base, Dreaded Charm and Havarti Cheese. Each Havarti Cheese only attracts 1 mouse. They drop Fire Salt, Runic Potion and one type of trap loot respectively.

The list below shows you the crafting recipe for each cheese and their respective mouse. Each cheese must be crafted with 18 Curds & Whey and 6 Salt.

  • Spicy Havarti Cheese - 6 Spicy Red Pepper + 12 Coconut Milk

  • Sweet Havarti Cheese - 6 Spicy Red Pepper + 6 Coconut Milk

  • Magical Havarti Cheese - 6 Spicy Red Pepper + 2 Coconut Milk

  • Creamy Havarti Cheese - 6 Spicy Red Pepper + 10 Coconut Milk

  • Pungent Havarti Cheese - 6 Spicy Red Pepper + 8 Coconut Milk

  • Crunchy Havarti Cheese - 6 Spicy Red Pepper + 4 Coconut Milk

  • Spicy Havarti - Magma Carrier + Encrusted Metal of Time

  • Sweet Havarti - Primal + Ethereal Rope

  • Magical Havarti - Magma Carrier + Engraved Solid Stone Slab

  • Creamy Havarti - Magma Carrier + Ancient Relic Staff

  • Pungent Havarti - Magma Carrier + Timeless Mystic Gem

  • Crunchy Havarti - Magma Carrier + Hinge of Eternity

Claim the adventure Defeat the Dreaded Horde after you have caught 1 of each of the 6 types of mice.

Head over to Caped Claw to buy the Ancient Box Trap with the following ingredients:

  • 1 Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece
  • 1 Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece
  • 1 Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece
  • 1 Ancient Box Trap Blueprints
  • 1 Encrusted Metal of Time
  • 1 Ethereal Rope
  • 1 Engraved Solid Stone Slab
  • 1 Ancient Relic Staff
  • 1 Timeless Mystic Gem
  • 1 Hinge of Eternity
  • 158,175 gold

You now have all the required weapons to complete King’s Gauntlet. However, it’s not recommended to do this now.


Deep below the cursed soil of the Mousoleum are underground caverns that stretch to the west where long-forgotten mice roam. These powerful mice are highly resistant to most types of damage and apparently have a weakness for Radioactive Blue cheese. The creatures of the Catacombs seem strangely organized, as if they are preparing for something. Who knows what sinister secrets a hunter may uncover here...?

An Arcane or Forgotten weapon is needed to catch the mice in Catacombs well. Catacombs is quite good for gold farming and is less punishing than Derr Dunes and Mousoleum.

Use your Ancient Box Trap, Aqua Base and Radioactive Blue Cheese here. Collect the following ingredients:

  • 12 Scrap Metal from Scavenger Mouse, Terror Knight Mouse or Steel Mouse in Town of Digby
  • 1 Onyx Stone from Master of Dojo in the Pinnacle Chamber
  • 3 Magic Essences (Smashing SUPERBrie+)
  • 1 Obelisk Part (Buy and Smash Obelisk of Slumber from the Trapsmith)

How to get to Town of Digby|You should have looted some Living Shard from Mousevina von Vermin in Mousoleum. Craft 3 Limelight Cheese. You can find Mutated Mole in Laboratory. Mutated Mole Mouse drops Key to the Town of Digby.

Buy the Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery Trap (ACRONYM) for 632,700 gold from the Trapsmith.

Now use ACRONYM with Radioactive Blue Cheese to loot the Keeper's Candle and farm Ancient Potions. There are 2 ways of obtaining Ancient Cheese:

  • Craft Ancient Cheese: 6 Ionized Salt + 3 Stale Cheese (6 Piece Recipe is not worth it)
  • Brewing Ancient Potion with Gouda Cheese

If you need more Stale Cheese, you have three options:

  • Hunt in Forbidden Grove (open) with Radioactive Blue Cheese to loot Stale Cheese This is slower for getting Stale Cheese but at least you are earning gold.
  • Buy 1 Tarnished Charm from Marketplace if you don’t have one. Hunt in Catacombs with your stalest set-up, Tarnished Charm and Cheddar Cheese. You only need 1 Tarnished Charm since it is not consumed upon Fail to Attract. This is noticeably faster.
  • You can receive Stale Cheese as Gifts from friends, you can find friends over in Discord. Do note that hunters tend to prefer receiving Gifts of the Day, which are often of higher value than Stale Cheese.

Travel to the Forbidden Grove after you have ACRONYM and at least 100 Ancient Cheese.

Forbidden Grove

Forbidden Grove
At the end of the Catacombs, beyond heavy stone gates, lies a hidden hunting ground. Etched into the gates is a warning: 'Beware young soul, should the stone gates close while within this grove, you will find yourself caught between realms.'

Use Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery, Aqua Base and Ancient Cheese to loot Rune.

Obtain at least 30 Runic Cheese

  • Craft Runic Cheese with the 1-piece recipe. This requires Rune. The 2-piece recipe is worth its cost if you can afford it.
  • Brew Runic Potion looted in Jungle of Dread.

Keep note of Forbidden Grove's opening and closing timing via MouseHunt Timers or #timers in Discord. Every 20 hours, Forbidden Grove is open for 16 hours and closed for 4 hours. You can travel to Forbidden Grove only when it is open. Head out of the area over to Catacombs, continuing the Ancient Cheese farming if needed, every time the Grove is closing and you do not have enough Runic Cheese yet.

Once you have enough Runic Cheese, you will want to wait for Realm Ripper Mouse. Travel to the Grove when it is open, wait till the Grove is closed then use Radioactive Blue cheese to capture the Realm Ripper Mouse, teleporting you directly over to the Acolyte Realm.

Acolyte Realm

Acolyte Realm
Years ago in Bristle Woods, a MouseHunter by the name of Plankrun opened a passageway to another realm. The passage was intended to act as an elaborate one-way trap for Acolyte mice. However, recently, the Acolyte mice have had success in reversing the portal's direction and are attempting to re-enter the Gnawnia Kingdom.

Use Ancient Box Trap, Aqua Base and Runic Cheese. Get some Charms to help increase your Catch Rate, Chrome Charms and the various Snowball Charms (Super and above) are advised due to their cheaper price. Pray for an easy time with Acolyte mouse.

After catching the Acolyte mouse, firstly claim the adventure Capture the Acolyte Mouse then open the Mysterious Box he drops to obtain a Frozen Scroll.

If you still could not rank up to Knight, consider farming gold in the following locations:

  • Derr Dunes with Brie/Crunchy Cheese
  • Elub Shore with Brie/Seashell Cheese
  • Mouseleum with Radioactive Blue Cheese
  • Catacombs with Radioactive Blue Cheese

What to do next

Head over to Dracano when you rank up to Knight.