This volcano is said to have long ago given life to the entire island in a massive eruption. For this reason the tribes have long worshipped the Dracano, bringing offerings of peppered cheese to a fearsome winged mouse they believe to be a deity.

With the help of the Ice Maiden you can now try to catch a fearsome Dragon Mouse. Of course you need special bait for this one, the seventh type of Havarti, Inferno Havarti. You will need to craft Inferno Pepper Plant with the follow recipe:

  • 1 Red Pepper Seed
  • 1 Yellow Pepper Seed
  • 1 Blue Pepper Seed
  • 1 Plant Pot

Have at least 18-24 Inferno Pepper, which in turn requires you to craft 5-7 Inferno Pepper Plant.

Craft the Inferno Havarti Cheese using the following recipe:

  • 6 Inferno Pepper
  • 6 Fire Salt
  • 16 Coconut Milk
  • 18 Curds & Whey

Fire Salt| If you do not have enough Fire Salt, you collect more from the Jungle of Dread using the 6 other types of Havarti Cheese.

Consider buying 1-3 Dragonbane Charm from the In-game Marketplace as it will greatly increase your Catch Rate on the Dragon Mouse.

Using Ice Maiden, Aqua Base, Inferno Havarti Cheese and Dragonbane Charm, you can now try to catch a fearsome Dragon Mouse.

After catching the Dragon Mouse, claim the adventure Slay the Dragon Mouse and open the Dragon's Chest to obtain Zugzwang's Scarf and the Magic Feather.

If you still could not rank up to Lord/Lady, consider farming gold (trying for at least 1,000,000 gold) in the following locations:

  • Derr Dunes with Brie/Crunchy Cheese
  • Elub Shore with Brie/Seashell Cheese
  • Mouseleum with Radioactive Blue Cheese
  • Catacombs with Radioactive Blue Cheese

What to do next

Travel to Season Garden once you rank up to Lord / Lady.